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Our objective at Las Vegas Wine Company is to provide excellent Wine along with excellent Service. We strive to help our customers develop their palates for fine wines, get to know what they like, and stand back as we watch their palates grow and change over the years. We provide knowledgeable service and we love what we do.

Do not miss our weekly Thursday night wine tastings or take time to peruse our store with our skilled staff and you will see what we mean. We put a lot of energy into educating our customers, sharing our finds with them and selling our wine at fair prices.

Wine Of The Week ~ Kenwood Sonoma County Merlot


Kenwood Vineyards creates its award-winning Sonoma County Merlot from vineyards located in the Sonoma, Dry Creek and Alexander Valleys. Grapes harvested in the cooler Sonoma Valley region are deep in color with intense berry flavors.

…the resulting wine is ripe, supple and well-proportioned. …A touch of Cabernet Sauvignon was blended into the final wine for added zest.


This wonderfully approachable Merlot is an ideal complement to grilled salmon, swordfish, red meat and rich tomato sauce dishes.
Composition: 98% Merlot, 2% Cabernet Sauvignon

Grilled Salmon
There are as many ways to grill Salmon as there are varieties of Salmon. Okay an exaggeration but I am sure you get the point. I enjoy grilled Salmon simply by oiling the hot grill to prevent sticking and applying a little season salt and some ground pepper or BAM! a little of Emeril's Essence.

I personally prefer the fillet over steaks but I have cooked and enjoyed both.I have wrapped the Salmon up in aluminum foil with some olive oil, fresh herbs and a slice of lemon although I prefer it on the grill skin on or skin off.

I love it smoked and sometimes a good Chipotle Seasoning enhances the Salmon flavors with its rich, smoky flavor and a good dose of heat.

My brother-in-law even put me onto using a good Barbeque sauce. A rich but not overpowering barbecue sauce infuses into the grilled fresh salmon, giving it a very mildly spiced and unique flavor.

So bottom line you decide… just don't forget the Kenwood Sonoma Merlot

July 26th Wine of the Week

Groth Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley

This Sauvignon Blanc was produced from grapes grown in various microclimates of the Napa Valley. The warmer Napa Valley microclimates provided grapes that resulted in a wine with a lush, full melon/citrus character in the aroma and in the flavor. The cooler Napa Valley fruit provided a solid, crisp backbone that gives the wine an exciting liveliness that balances the rich creaminess from "sur lie" aging. The mineral and herb flavors of this Sauvignon Blanc marry nicely with grilled fish, chicken or my Bruschetta below.

Food Pairing ~ With Groth Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley

To hot to cook in Vegas or a simple refreshing lunch

Bruschetta with Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella
1 large French baguettes about ¾ inch thick (I usually do 8 slices for the wife and I)
2 nice ripe Roma tomatoes sliced ¼ inch or so
Fresh basil leaves julienne (I have tried dried and basil paste but fresh is best)
Extra-virgin olive oil
Kosher or coarse Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
Some freshly grated Parmesan (optional)
Fresh mozzarella cheese sliced about ¼ inch thick

Slice your tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and julienne the fresh basil leaves.
Toaster oven set to 375 degrees (they heat up fast so don’t need much pre-heating)
On the toaster oven’s baking sheet, line up baguette slices and toast until light brown but not over done. I have used a number of different kinds of crusty breads to give variety but the size of a sliced baguette is exactly what you want.

Remove toast from oven and drizzle with olive oil or if like me you have the tendency to pour a little too much on, brush liberally. (You don’t want the bread soggy)
Place the sliced tomatoes on and salt and pepper. Kosher or coarse Sea salt is the only way to go. Next a tablespoon of the basil leaves topped with some freshly grated Parmesan (optional but tasty). Finally top with the mozzarella cheese and back into the toaster oven until the cheese has melted nicely. ~ Enjoy

I don’t know about you but on our hot summer days 3 or 4 slices of this along with a nice Sauvignon Blanc like the Groth Napa and I am in heaven.

July 19th Wine of the week

McManis Cabernet 2005 California ~ Our Everyday Low Price $8.69

Coupled with a deep ruby-purple color, the aroma for the 2005 has a very distinctive blackberry component that is layered with hints of clove and mocha spiciness. The fruit on the palate has a richness and density that is supported by substantial levels of tannins. A roasted heavy toast oaken finish lingers for an extended period. Don't tell them what you paid!

Food Pairing ~ With McManis Cabernet 2005 California

Lamb Loin Chops with Red Wine Sauce
2 – 3 tablespoons olive oil
6 - Loin lamb chops - trimmed (thick is good)
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

2 cloves garlic chopped
1 cup dry red wine
1 teaspoon minced fresh rosemary leaves
1 teaspoon chicken base or dissolved bouillon cube 1/2 cup water
2 tablespoons butter
1 teaspoon mustard whole grain best
3 tablespoons cream or canned milk will work

Heat a large sauté skillet medium-hot adding olive oil
Salt (easy) and pepper to taste lamb chops
Lay chops in the pan and cook both sides until about 125 degrees (not much more)
I like to do the edges as well but just for a minute or so
Remove chops and keep in warm place, I use the oven at no more than 200 degrees

Remove some of the oil reserving about 2 tablespoons or so and be careful not to let pan get too hot. Add garlic and brown but don’t over cook then add rosemary leaves followed right away with the cup of red wine. (Dried rosemary leaves will do in a pinch and only use red wine that you would be willing to drink)

Now you want to make a nice, somewhat thick, sauce so you may want to turn the heat up a little and after 2 or 3 minutes add the chicken base for flavor. I like a product called “better than bouillon” although a dissolved bouillon cube will work or some chicken stock as well. Cook another 5 minutes or so and add the butter and when melted the mustard and heavy cream.

Remember you are in control of the thickness of the sauce so I get it pretty close to what I want before adding the butter, mustard and cream. I usually do not add more salt but I love pepper but season to your taste of course.

My wife and I had this along with a nice salad and garlic mashed potatoes last Saturday. Although I am fond of a nice Aussie Shiraz with my lamb the McManis Cabernet was perfect. Yum, Yum.

Enjoy a picnic lunch under the Sycamore trees with a glass of our wonderful Viognier says one web page of a Northern California Winery. Have you ever paid attention to how many vineyards have picnic areas? Nearly forty Napa Valley Wineries have picnic areas.

Why? Well simply put wine is a perfect accompaniment to a picnic whether it is at a winery, park (that allows alcohol), your backyard or patio. True perhaps not all wines but those that we often think of as picnic wines, deck wines, boat wines or patio wines really add life to the casual picnic style outdoor meals.

Now I know that the beverage choice is often beer and that is fine there are plenty of fine beers to choose from but let’s talk about wine choices and equally important how to drink them because even the best of wine if not served at the right temperature can be awful. I know and it better go good with hot dogs!

There are plenty of wines that fit the bill for your picnic. And you don’t have to spend a lot of $$$ to find what you want. Here are four possible candidates for that picnic lunch.

Bubbles make a picnic feel particularly decadent so let’s start with Sparkling wines. They don’t have to be champagne but certainly could be. How about a nice Spanish Cava or the wife really enjoyed the Niebaum Copolla Sophia Sparkling we had a couple of weeks ago.

When the weather is hot you want refreshment like a nice crisp dry white. I enjoy Italian whites like Frascati and Pinot Grigio and they do work well, as does Riesling. Of course you cannot beat a real German Riesling but the other day I took home a Kim Crawford Riesling and was pleasantly surprised.

Rosé is the perfect picnic wine and what a wide range of styles to choose from. It is hard to believe that at one time the only Rosé I knew was Lancers VIN Rosé. I personally am not a fan of sweet “blush” wines but don’t let that deter you since obviously many disagree with me. We will have to do a bit on “blush” wines one day. Just remember that it is said, “the darker the pink, the bigger the flavor.”
Finally light fruity reds like Beaujolais, now that is a true picnic wine, are very nice to bring along. And yes if we are doing barbeque especially with serious sauce I am going to sneak a bottle of Zinfandel or maybe Chianti although a lighter style would be good.

No matter what wine you pick be it dry or sweet, white, pink, red or sparkling, any wine drunk outdoors will taste better cold especially living in Las Vegas. Chilling but not too cold perks up simple fruit flavors, adds zip to sweet wines, protects wines left sitting in the hot sun, and answers the call of a Las Vegas summertime size thirst.

When hunting for perfect picnic wines, you may want to wander off the beaten path. After all it is up to you what goes best with different foods and we all have different tastes. Oh! One final thing unless you are just bringing Kim Crawford or Bonnie Doon wines do not forget the Cork Screw!

It's July 4th and 116 in Las Vegas (What a Surprise)

Beer 'n BBQ Braised Country Style Pork Ribs

This recipe comes originally from the "Meat lovers Cookbook" - It is easy to put together and wait until you taste them because they are awesome and you don't have to go out in 115 degree temps.

3 lbs country-style pork ribs
2 medium onions, sliced
1 12 ounce can of beer
2 cups of your favorite BB sauce

1. Brown the pork in a lightly sprayed skillet on all sides about 7 or 8 minutes.
2. Place the ribs in an oven proof pan and scatter the onions all around them.
3. Pour in the beer and seal with a lid or tin foil.
4. Bake at 375F until the pork is tender 1 1/2- 2 hours.
5. Pour out the beer.
6. Slather the pork with the BBQ sauce and bake uncovered for 1 more hour or until the meat is brown and the sauce is thick.

Got Beer? Check out the "Beer and Kegs" Page.

If you are planning on an Easter Ham or for that matter a Ham dinner for any occasion you will enjoy these suggestions. Ham calls for a fruit driven white wine to match perfectly with the smokiness of the Ham so a Riesling fits the bill quite well.

2005 Ste. CHAPELLE Special Harvest Riesling has very pretty nectarine and peach tones with good acidity on the finish. A steal @ $8.99

2005 Josef Leitz Rüdesheimer Magdalenenkreuz Spätlese truly tremendous wine with pineapple and tropical fruit tones. From a top notch producer and a real value @ $21.99 W.S. 93 PTS

2005 Johann Joseph Prum Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Spatlese. A world renowned estate on the middle Mosel. The Himmelreich vineyard lie’s in the heart of the longest unbroken stretch of vineyard in all of Europe. Apple, pears, pineapples & tropical fruits galore. A W.S. 95 Pointer for $37.99

Perhaps you favor a nice Pinot instead of the Riesling or even better right after? May we suggest…

2005 Benton Lane Pinot Noir ~ Pretty cherry and spice complements Easter Ham and a serious value @ $17.99 W.S. 90 PTS

2005 Foley Pinot Noir ~ A great region, great producer and a fair price for consistently outstanding Pinot Noir. Power, fruit, finesse and complexity what more could one ask for? A serious vintage @ $27.99

For the Burgundian Enthusiast the 2005 Chalone Estate Pinot Noir. No fooling this is the real deal and proof positive that Burgundian Pinot can and does get grown and vinified in California @ $28.99